What is in your beauty product

In our effort to beauty we are at time our own undoing. Kinda like what they say ‘shooting oneself on the feet’. Have you ever stopped to ask your self what is in your shampoo?, or your night or day cream? how about that foundation and compact powder you use everyday? Do you know how each of the ingredients affect you? Why is it that we do not seem to care what we expose our body to through the products we use. Here is how I do it; I simply search out available information on the internet about each and every ingredient that I don’t  know about and that is indicated on each product I buy. Try doing that today with your foundation or cream and share with me your findings. I am sure you will be surprised at the revelations.


About Alice

My Name is Alice. I am passionate about beauty in natural ways. My passion emanates from my belief that every skin, hair or body is beautiful. What we need is to appreciate, understand , nourish our skin, hair and body well. I made a decision to appreciate who I am and to love me and I achieved the beauty that was my dream. Join me in the journey to self appreciation and achieve your beauty dream too.
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