Money and wealth matters

Does beauty have to do with ‘who can afford it and who cannot’? What is the solution to poverty? Poverty wears an ugly face. It is demeaning and perhaps the highest level of deprivation of human right. Who will redeem the poor? What is the secret of the wealthy? Can we share it around. See the presentation below and comment. What is your secret to wealth?

money and wealth by Stephen & Alice


About Alice

My Name is Alice. I am passionate about beauty in natural ways. My passion emanates from my belief that every skin, hair or body is beautiful. What we need is to appreciate, understand , nourish our skin, hair and body well. I made a decision to appreciate who I am and to love me and I achieved the beauty that was my dream. Join me in the journey to self appreciation and achieve your beauty dream too.
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6 Responses to Money and wealth matters

  1. Ragu says:

    Money nourishes faces, It adds value to your age: The young called ;Wazee; where as the old felling younger.Money and Beauty are relative and has no clear cut since they are inter twined.
    Thanks Alice for your posting.

  2. In class you only get Academic and Professional education, importance of which cannot be overemphasized. But this is not all! To succeed in this world you have to know the laws that govern money – secrets hidden in Financial education. Seek it, learn and apply in your life. Then teach others. Thank you Alice for posting.

  3. Mureithi says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. TumuTanzi says:

    Sounds interesting, but money is of course important.

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