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Money and wealth matters

Does beauty have to do with ‘who can afford it and who cannot’? What is the solution to poverty? Poverty wears an ugly face. It is demeaning and perhaps the highest level of deprivation of human right. Who will redeem … Continue reading

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Good Skin Care Regime and Products

Proper care of your face is a very necessary step to looking gorgeous. Face skin need special care to enable it to cope with harsh environmental elements . Face skin   is the most exposed skin of our body. It … Continue reading

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Best Face Care Product

Finding the right products for your face is one challenge many people have while for  their skin care. I have found the Sonya facials product from FOREVER LIVING from forever to work wonders to many people. These products are natural and very gentle. All made from Aloe Vera extracts and combined with other natural ingredients they are safe for the skin.  I have seen people of all skin type use them with great results. Use link below to find these products;

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Beauty from within

Beauty starts from within your body and shows outside. What you look outside is a reflection of your inside. No matter how much cosmetics on your face if you are not health in your body it will show. Caring for … Continue reading

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What is in your beauty product

In our effort to beauty we are at time our own undoing. Kinda like what they say ‘shooting oneself on the feet’. Have you ever stopped to ask your self what is in your shampoo?, or your night or day … Continue reading

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